Video blog on this Tuesday 21 April 2020, in sunny Lisbon, Portugal by Josh Folgado

Hey all,

Its such a wonderfully sunny day in Lisbon, Portugal, that I wanted to share a little bit of it with you.

I was in Avenida Gago Coutinho, almost by Praça do Chile, walking to go to a bank named BBVA, to pay my water, either I pay it or they switch off my water… so human considering they know this to be one of the poorest countries in Europe.

So far I didn’t get any help from government, even though I paid tons of taxes in the time I worked here, I speak the language to some level, but have no one local (someone Portuguese) to help and guide me through how things “really” work, without being a local impossible to guess.

Didn’t manage to pay the water bill, they told me I went to the wrong place, surreal I need to go to another place to pay and make sure they don’t actually switch my water off.

Good news was that I managed to find a place to pay my internet bill(s), has been a genuine miracle I’ve managed to survive, miracles do happen, God does miraculous things, else I don’t even want to know how I would have survived. Social life was already pretty hard before down here, almost non-existent, now it has helped me being able to deal with the current lockdown a lot better than most people with whom I speak with.

Have best day possible, fight on… if you don’t, who will?

Josh Folgado

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