Interviewed young Brazilian man in Lisbon, Portugal, selling water bottles to survive and buy food

Hey all,

I was walking to pay my water and internet bills (else they would switch off my services), a young man approached me with a message to please buy his water bottles at highly inflated prices to buy food.

I responded I was on my way to make sure my water/internet wasn’t switched off, that I would come back, which I did.

On my way back home I went back to him (Paulo Molero), gave him 5€ to buy food and asked him if I could interview him, let him know he is IMPORTANT, just as important as the one’s driving around in fancy cars and looking down on others. Also shared that I too didn’t have a cent, that most of us where “in-the-same-boat”…

Paulo is someone we all need to “look-up-to”, a foreigner like me in a foreign land, far far away from where we call home, but fighting with what he has to survive and stay alive.

I have deepest respect for people like Paulo, invited him to join our blog as a Contributor and share his own videos on how he is managing to stay alive; his message will without doubt encourage others (me included) to also fight and be able to survive.

Being a foreigner in other land’s, we’ll need to be incredibly strong, pray TONS just to stay alive, help each other in whatever way that we can.

I am lucky I am in Portugal, where the food is very healthy, its people very welcoming to foreigners, I can’t even imagine what’s its like in most other countries, where not even its own people help the one’s that needs it; they simply don’t have the resources.

Thanks to all of you for your support!

And a special welcome to our WARRIOR, Paulo Molero…

Josh Folgado

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