Video blog sharing my working area, including bonus balcony’s view of beautiful Lisbon at night

Hey all,

Many of you have asked over a while for me to video share my working area whilst working on our COVID-19 blog, here it goes. Sorry for the delay…

My setup Its not big or fancy, 2 notebooks with 8x CPUs (Intel), 16 GB RAM, both machines have two SSDs, pretty fast.  Both machines have dual boots into either Windows 10 and Ubuntu. These are my 2 main development and otherwise machines.

Then I have an older notebook 2 x CPUs, 8 GB RAM, that one if my internal Ubuntu server, from there I run Apache, SFTP, MySQL, MangoDB, PHP7.4, this machine gives me a lot more freedom to test “stuff” on a sub-real server fully operational either than email server, and prevent issues we all have to handle like PHP versions, plugin versions, etc., on a live server.

Additionally on one of high-performance notebooks (with 8 CPUs) I run Internet Information Server and MS SQL, thus having the additional freedom to offer services that are MS SQL and MS Office related, a ton of experience with MS SQL, VBA and Excel/Word/PowerPoint/Visio.

The bonus of this video is a view of the beautiful Lisbon at night from my balcony, a city to truly fall in love with and be absorbed.

Ah, and Joey also appears briefly, he is always sitting on a chair next to time, really cute.

Have a good evening and God Bless all…

Thank You!

Josh Folgado

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