Video blog from rainy Lisbon, Portugal by Josh Folgado in lockdown for the 4th week

Hi everyone,

This is a video blog by Josh Folgado in Lisbon, Portugal in lockdown for the past 4 weeks.

This weekend was very busy. I love my plants, everyone of them was planted by me, had some new brothers and sisters to add to the collection, in a few weeks will see them opening and ready for warmer times.

Spend about 1/2 of the weekend writing some code for this blog, and busy with architectures and code (cloud/servers/databases/sites) for some other project that I am involved and working with.

Days normally start about 6am, with the lockdown only able to get up about 8am, this because I was working until 2/3/4am the previous evening.

Keeping busy only way to stay positive, and fight on.

Wish everyone best possible start of the week, may He Bless us, our loved ones, family, friends and also our enemies, we all need equal help.

A BIG hug to all of you!

Josh Folgado

PS. Thanks for the continued support, this past Saturday (April 18th 2020) we passed 3,000 human beings that come to the blog, of which 52% come back, and  spend an average of 3m10s per visit; so far got hundreds of messages and content from you. Thank you!

Apologies getting back to you not always fastest, but time runs by, and I’m the only one managing most of the blog.

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