Video blog update with blog stats, Amazon (AWS) turned down offer to sponsor our COVID-19 blog, pathetic considering might cost them 20$ or less. Today asking the Google Cloud.

Video blog update with stats on our COVID-19 blog such as:
  • Number of human beings that have been to our blog: 525
  • Number of visitors: 2097
  • Percentage that returns to read more: 67%
  • Average time spent on pages: 2m50s

This blog’s initial focus and why I created it, was to help one (1) person, one (1) human being, and if it saved one (1) life, then all the hours and effort would be worth it.

We are not a blog trying to be “millions”, we are just a group of people that do what we can to share information that can help others, save lives.

Amazon (AWS) turned us down

The blog’s hosting in on the Amazon Cloud (AWS) on a free server.

A few days ago I sent an email to AWS, sharing the focus of our blog, how it was growing, and that we wanted to save lives.

Amazon replied politely they could not offer to help.

Its truly sad these large corporations still think they are in the “past”. This world will “waken” up one day and will remember their actions.

To give us a bigger server might cost them a miserable 20$ or less. I can fine-tune the server to max performance so no issues there.

Asking the Google Cloud to sponsor our blog  (both development and production) with a bigger cloud server

Today preparing an email to send to the Google Cloud.  I am a registered Google Developer, we’ll see what they say.

I will share with Google that currently the hosting of the blog is on the Amazon Cloud (AWS) but would transfer it if they did indeed offer to help us and provide us a server. The good news is that I separate the development and production environments, the development of the blog I placed it on the Google Cloud already. I am already paying about 13$ for this current development server, but am unemployed, finances tight and current lockdown doesn’t help.

If Google sponsored our blog we would have both the development and production on the Google Cloud.


Get in touch please then! You’re doing it for the “small” numbers but we count!

We’ll gladly add that sponsorship to our footer, would be humanly appreciated and everyone remembers who helped who and at what time.

We are not millions but each of us counts!!! Each of us needs to be the difference…

Thanks to Marie James (admin and contributor), Catherine, Susana, Debora and many others for your daily support and quality of information and drive.

Thanks to all of you for your messages of support (passed 100 msgs yesterday), the amount of you other human beings that sends links, stories, someone of you even send me jokes, fantastic. PS. I am still the ONLY developer on the project.

A little sad/disappointed no other geek has joined the fight, I thought we geeks would be better…

Take Care ALL!!!

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